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Since its inception, Tamley Architectural Design has incorporated “green architecture” and sustainable building practices into its projects. Theresa Tamley is a Certified Green Building Professional by the National Association of the Remodeling industry. Tamley Architectural Design is also a Certified Marin Green Business.

Theresa Tamley understands that healthy home design can mean different things to different people. For instance, you might want the most energy efficient home you can possibly achieve. Or, you and your family maybe sensitive to chemicals and require that the materials in your remodeling or home addition contain no formaldehyde or other harmful gasses. You might have an aesthetic that desires reused or recycled materials, or you may want to use only products that were sourced and constructed in the United States.

Whatever you desire, Tamley Architectural Design can help you have a greener, healthier home. Theresa Tamley knows exactly where to secure green building materials and energy efficient appliances for her projects.

A recent example of a healthy home design project:

Theresa Tamley was doing a home remodeling project for a young family in Tiburon that had a first child on the way. The couple was concerned about giving their child a healthy home environment. Because babies and kids spend a lot of time on the on floor, the focus was on using flooring materials that did not “off gas” chemicals and would be easy to clean.

Theresa selected paints that did not off gas any volatile organic compounds(VOC). She also incorporated wood trim and cabinetry that did not off gas formaldehyde. She used insulation in the walls that did not use chemical fire retardants or formaldehyde. Proper ventilation was ensured for all gas appliances as well as in the bathrooms to help avoid mold conditions.

Since up to 70% of house contaminates come into a house via shoes, a bench seat was installed in the entry, along with a specific area to keep shoes.

If you seek a green certified architect who can help you create a healthier home with green architectural design, please contact Tamley Architectural Design at: 415-488-1698 or