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If there are parts of your house that “just don’t work for you,” Tamley Architecture Design can help. As an architect specializing in home remodeling, bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels, Theresa Tamley can both help you update the look of your home and make it work better functionally, as well as aesthetically.

Some of Theresa’s clients have been surprised to learn that they really don’t have to build an addition to have more space. Instead, she was able to redesign the existing kitchen, dining room, bathroom or other rooms to provide more space, without a home addition.

At other times, a homeowner may find that their current home layout just doesn’t support their lifestyle. They turn to Tamley Architectural Design to help them create a space that fully meets their needs. Theresa Tamley’s remodeling designs are flexible enough to support a family’s activities today, as well as in the future.

If you are planning a home remodeling project, Theresa can provide advice on what is allowed by the local planning and building department. Once the design and drawings are complete, she can manage the permitting process with the local building department. When it is time to select a contractor, she can guide the contractor bidding process as well as review the various bids to create an “apples to apples” analysis of what each contractor offers in cost, project duration and services.

A recent example of a home remodel project:

A husband and wife with two young children, another child on the way, and a large dog had purchased a home in Mill Valley. The home had enough square footage to suit the family’s growing needs, but the space was not used efficiently. The layout did not compliment the family’s lifestyle, and the finishes were outdated (from the 1950’s.) Theresa Tamley of Tamley Architecture Design was asked to redesign and remodel the home to better support the family’s needs.

The kitchen was remodeled and opened up to the family room so that everyone could be together during meal preparation. The dining room was redesigned to better accommodate the family’s day-to-day needs, as well as for special occasion dinner
parties. The layout of the three bedrooms and two bathrooms were reworked to suit the needs of a working couple with three children.

A combination laundry and mudroom was created near the back door to capture all of the dirty feet and clothes before anyone entered the house. A laundry chute was incorporated, leading from the upstairs hallway to the laundry room, for convenience.

To give the house a more modern look, all of the lighting and trim were redesigned. The exterior of the home was also updated to match the family’s unique aesthetic tastes. The family was elated!

If you seek a residential architect who can do home remodeling to meet the needs of your family, please contact Tamley Architectural Design at: 415-488-1698 or