An Architect for Families

Tamley Architectural Design is a full service architectural firm, specializing in custom residential design. Architect Theresa Tamley works in partnership with her clients, from developing the initial ideas, all the way through the design phases and project completion. Theresa’s hands on involvement throughout the project ensures that the dreams of her clients truly become reality!

Planning for your family’s evolving needs

Theresa Tamley believes that a home can be designed to successfully meet the ever-changing needs of a family, not only for today, but also for years to come. Tamley Architectural Design specializes in designing homes that functionally support every member of the family, including the dog! Theresa’s ultimate goal is to create inspiring, comfortable and healthy spaces that match her clients’ lifestyles now, with the flexibility to still work twenty years from now. Some of the factors Theresa considers include: creative layout for specific functional needs and aesthetic tastes, optimal natural light and ventilation, and a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces to embrace our wonderful California climate.

Theresa is also talented in the design of the interior finishes of a home, such as cabinetry design, trim and woodwork details, and finish material selection (flooring, tile, paint colors, etc).Her combination of architectural and design knowledge enables her clients to have complete continuity from concept through completion.

Tamley Architectural Design specializes in:

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